Tuesday, July 13, 2010

High Powered Spud Gun

Weekend Project: Stun Gun Potato Cannon

Launch potato projectiles 200+ yards with this stun-gun triggered, high-powered potato cannon with see-thru action.

Google makes french fries with a potato cannon

Google makes french fries with a potato cannon

This is just a commercial, really, but it's pretty entertaining. Google advertisers wanted to push their whole "Chrome is fast" angle and so they set up and filmed a series of "tests" where they trigger some fast real-world event and load a page in Chrome at the same moment. Guess which process finishes first every time? Yeah, OK, that was an easy one. It's hardly "science"--not even the watered-down television kind--but it is, in fact, fairly amusing to watch a potato get blasted through a fry-cutter and into a vat of cooking oil. They also spray paint onto a giant ear model using acoustic waves and zap a tiny pirate ship with a Tesla coil.

Triple barrel potato cannon

Well, this clearly qualifies for artillery of the week. This three barrel potato gun uses electronic injectors to deliver propane to each of its three champers, ignition coils and spark plugs for ignition, and the entire unit, including pan and tilt control is controlled through PIC micro controllers by a gaming joystick.

The video has a ton of information on the device, but unfortunately only shows one shot, but if that’s not enough for you, you can make your own with the provided instructions*. I bet we’ll see more video of this potato gun sometime in the future.